italDesk as Help-Desk

We specialize in the so-called “First Aid” (Help Desk), which is why we offer international small and medium-sized enterprises modern advisory services that best meet their needs.

  1. How can you operate in the Italian and Southern European markets?
  2. How to cooperate with Italian companies in international markets?
  3. How can you strengthen your export by working with other partners (win-win principle)?

It is an indispensable help for companies that start their sales activities in countries that are geographically close to them, but differ in terms of culture, customs and traditions.

How do I start a business in Italy?

Thanks to italDesk, you have at your disposal a gateway to the Italian market. Our experts help companies that have never done business in Italy to take their first steps into the Italian market.

The first important steps are a feasibility study and a market analysis.

For example, depending on the specifics of each company, you can search for business partners, distributors, agents and importers.

For companies that already know the Italian market and need a more advanced strategy, we offer a full service for setting up a company under Italian law and keeping a personnel book.

Our business platforms

Our Business Hubs were founded to support Foreign companies in entering the Italian markets as well as optimising sales channels with the intention to build trusted relationships with international clients.

For companies who are more advanced in the process of entering Italian market we offer our analytics tools and expertise in developing innovative corporate strategies to achieve successful operation in new territory/markets etc.

We are particularly active in the following sectors:

  • Mechanics and home appliances
  • Water technology
  • Industrial machines
  • Industrial design
  • Electronics
  • Packaging and food manufacturing
  • Construction
  • Furniture and furnishings
  • Life Sciences & Silver Age

"Trade fair as a business tool"

We are the official representative of the Milan Trade Fair and have been working with the largest international trade fairs in Germany and Poland since 2008.

Nowadays trade fairs are an increasingly powerful tool for action, but it is important to adequately use their potential.

Under the motto “Trade fair as a business tool”, we offer trade fair participation in a new light: we offer interactions between traditional trade fairs and e-commerce.

It is essential to properly plan each trade fair participation (as an exhibitor and as a visitor).

We especially help:

– BEFORE (by organizing cooperation with distributors and local agents, promoting the company’s participation)

– DURING (it is important to pay attention to the quality of the meetings, to the materials and to the competition)

– AFTER (feedback of the event and the follow-up after the end of the trade fair and the programming of further contacts with partners and potential customers)


In cooperation with our customers, we focus on either all aspects of their business development in foreign markets but we also offer tailored services required for specific client needs.

Various countries require different type of activities depending on local regulations, culture and business practices, hence your marketing campaigns as well as general operation have to adapt to the needs of a particular market.

We offer targeted, effective and concrete support with the following goals:

  • Market analysis
  • Digital marketing
  • Acquisition of leads
  • Organization of B2B meetings
  • Search for suppliers
  • Acquisition of new customers and expansion of the sales network
  • Direct sales

We are happy to provide our knowledge and experience in order to find an optimal solution for small and medium-sized companies.

Tailor-made solution for companies

  • From our point of view, contact with potential counterparties or partners is only the beginning of the business relationship

  • The best solution for your company is a comprehensive system that includes various strategic activities

  • Current and future technologies will keep accelerating this interaction, so you need to be prepared for it and be able to use it at the appropriate moment.

Let’s do Italian Designed Business together