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All the advantages of our Business Hubs for Your Company:


In our business hubs You will find a broad range of services for the daily activities of Your company abroad.
It is important to keep every issue under control.
We manage it for You.


Essential to grow the export is a good understanding of the target market.
To avoid risk and unnecessary costs we start from the market analysis, developing for you the most efficient entry strategy.


Direct management is our best added value. We provide Interim, Investment and HR management in order to relieve You from every activity we can perform on our own. You save money and time, we guarantee results.


We offer our experience in European Funds and tax exemptions as we received many subsidies for our Clients. A complete range of services includes Legal Advices, Tax and Finance Consulting, M&A and Trust.

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Services Description

A. Utilities

Secretariat, accountancy, correspondence, control of legal requirements, customer care. All the everyday’s needs of your company- we take care about them.

All the services necessary you need for the bookkeeping of your company. We provide documentation for tax authorities, taking care of calculation of your company’s taxes, HR and payroll, offering you thereby the full accountancy service.

Nowadays, in order to work more effective, everyone needs to work precisely, flexible and with the best competences. All this is needed to face even the most difficult situations. Our translators and interpreters are ready to make this job easier for you.

We organise for you B2B meetings, taking care about logistics. We help you to organise freight forwarding, their insurance and all the documents and permissions which are necessary for that.

B. Export

To enter a new market every company needs to present itself as a brand people can trust. It is important to create a network of local agents and distributors, who will represent You in a proper way and support Your company by entering the most important market sectors.

Due to the fact that each country is different and therefore each project must be treated in a different way, it is important to create in each target market a team of communication, marketing and sales experts, who will not only advise you, but who also manage different issues for you. A good management is able to give you the right problem solution and do everything to achieve its goal. And this is exactly what we do.

A very important element of our work is research of potential clients and new business partners. That is why we take the advantage of all the most important events and fairs in and outside of Europe. Our goal is not only to take part in an exhibition, but first of all to achieve the best cooperation between our Client and his new business partner.

To enter new markets it is more and more important to be innovative and improve design, materials and technical solutions. Industrial Design ist our key to enter the new market. Since 3 years we are a partner of EMO DESIGN, for whom we are running the office in Poland and in Central Europe. We offer you a free consultancy.

C. Management

In such a complex , global market, SMEs do not usually have on their disposal every possible HR that they may need. Our Team can make managers anytime available for your company in order to help you in every kind of project, so you do not have to hire a new qualified employer permanently. This is what we call Interim Management.

Italdesk as a project manager has been in charge of the start up for more than 30 newcos, including the creation of the company, the obtaining of tax exemptions and the realisation of the facilities. However, an investment does not only mean construction works or receiving a public aid, but first of all a complex management in different issues connected with a strategic development of our Client.

Human resources are one of the most important element of each project. Due to the fact that SMEs usually build structure of its foreign subsidiaries based on features of its employees, it is very often necessary to make HR the starting point of the project. Our goal is to harmonize the real situation with the ideas of our Clients. We cooperate with different partners on the highest level and in different countries.

Our biggest added value is the ability of solving your export and investments problems directly or supported by our business partners. Our partners are well qualified and trustful experts in many different areas. We can offer you a cooperation with specialists we have carefully selected in the recent years.

D. Tax & Law

Poland, Germany, Austria and Switzerland offer many possibilities to receive subsidies and other public aid. For our Clients in the past 10 years 30 of our requests for a subsidies were successful. We are specialists in terms of tax exemption law, especially in Poland and in Germany. In order to make the process of receiving the public aid faster, we cooperate also with local institutions.

Recently we receive more and more requests concerning family businesses looking for buyers of their company. This is a big problem in Central Europe, because companies are sometimes sold to Private Equity (Funds), but not every company is suitable for that. Thanks to the JPA Network and thanks to our partner Arndt+Partner we can offer you the best possible solutions.

Each company needs a basic legal service like a tax calculation and legal advisory. We offer You one of the most effective and competitive legal services in Poland, Germany, Italy, Switzerland and Austria. Our partners answer all your questions and offer you support, preparing for Your company tax strategies and offering You the best possible solution.

In all the cases, where it is necessary to represent a company abroad and act directly, Italdesk with its partner EURAVA can represent your business. We provide to our foreign Clients a registred office and secretariat. We offer also the possibility to rent our co-working offices and and to access all the business utilities which make Your business easier.

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